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Expert home additions and building contractors in Wollongong & Sutherland Shire

At Southern Additions, we are proud to offer first-rate property transformation to families throughout Illawarra and beyond.

The team of professional, friendly, building contractors is always on hand to answer any queries you may have throughout the design and construction process. Our hard work, dedication to excellence and true professionalism has been recognised by people from outside the area too in a series of free editorials.

Local Builder attracts Sydney Customers

While investigating the possibility of adding an extra storey to their home, a Lane Cove (Sydney) couple visited friends in Sutherland to see what work they had done to their home.

They were so impressed with their friend's additions carried out by Southern Additions, they travelled to Wollongong to consult with the company. The family included two teenage children, a boy and a girl, and because of the owners profession he often worked at home. The design decided on offered a master bedroom with parents retreat, a full bathroom, a walk-in wardrobe, and a large second bedroom. The original bathroom (about 40 years old) was removed and provided enough space for the stairs, which lead from the main hallway. 

At the head of the stairs, the hallway was enlarged to provide an upstairs sitting area.

The owner proudly provided a leadlight window that she made to fit over the stairs. The raked ceiling and a federation bay window were used as features in the parent's retreat. The owners said this made the master bedroom the most interesting room in the house.

The addition takes advantage of the local views and blends in so well with the surrounding homes it is hard to pick as an extension.

This was quite a feat as there were many old style homes in the street. The project took 10 weeks to complete. The design was so successful it won a CSR National Weathertex Competition. The company received a new Ute as its first prize.

Going Up Gives a New Lease of Life

Philip Girardot, of Southern Additions, admits that a major renovation will probably be more expensive per m2, than a fresh start.

However, there are other things to think about before knocking down an old house in favour of something entirely new.

One of those considerations is the time frame. On average, Mr Girardot said, you have to allow 52 weeks between pulling down the old house, clearing the block and putting up a Project Home.

On the other hand, the average renovation time is four to six months – and you can keep living in your home. Another consideration is the hilly nature of both Sutherland and the Illawarra areas. Project homes are not designed to accommodate differences in elevation, which means a standard project home won't easily fit on many blocks. Mr Girardot's business recently completed a custom- built house that cost more than $500,000.00

On the other hand, the average renovation project carried out by Southern Additions costs between $120,000.00 and $140,000.00.

Sometimes the best solution for most people, is a second storey addition, he said.

A Second Storey means that space can be virtually doubled while retaining the back yard for a swimming pool and garden. With more than 30 years’ experience, Southern Additions can take most of the pain out of the renovation work. 

Staff at the company will discuss your ideas, plan a feasibility study and costing, take care of council submissions and the legal work, and build.

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